I want to import a car from the United States. What should I pay attention to?"


When you intend to import a used car from the United States, purchased at Copart / IAAI auction, there are several key issues to consider:

  1. Find the model you're interested in on auction-seeker.com. With our website, you'll know how much you actually have to pay at the auction for a specific car. Remember that there are many fees involved (auction commissions, etc.).
  2. Find a reliable seller: The market for used cars can be full of fake advertisements, identity theft, and other scams. Make sure you choose well-known and reliable internet platforms and sellers.
  3. Be cautious with "deals": Buying a car at an auction often involves a simplified description of damages and photos. It's worth carefully reviewing the photos with someone who has more experience. You'll find the model you're interested in at auction-seeker.com.
  4. Check the VIN number: Verify the VIN number for previous events. In some cases, you can also decode the equipment of vehicles, e.g. BMW groups. Contact us directly at auction-seeker.com, and we'll help you!
  5. Plan finances for purchasing a car from the USA: The cost of importing a car from the USA to Europe ranges from $850 to $5000, depending on the size of the vehicle. If you want the car to travel alone in a container, the cost may double. We can estimate such a service for you - contact us at auction-seeker.com.
  6. Transport and car import: Transporting a car from the USA to Europe requires the services of an experienced international freight company. This process is complex and must be carried out by an experienced company. Contact us at auction-seeker.com, and we'll help you!
  7. Finalizing the purchase and taking over the car: After the car arrives in the destination country, you must complete all formalities related to registration and customs duties.
  8. Modifications necessary for legal driving on European Union roads: A car destined for the US market may require modifications to lighting systems to legally drive in Poland. The front lamps should shine asymmetrically, and the rear turn signal should give yellow light, not red. Additionally, in the USA, rear fog lights are not required, which may require changing the lamp to a European one and often necessitates changing the switch and coding the system in the car. In a car from the United States, without modifications, the adaptive headlights or adaptive lights may not work.

Remember that importing a car from the USA to Europe is a complex process that requires careful planning. It's always worth consulting with an expert or a company specializing in car imports to ensure that all steps are correctly executed. However, often if the price of the vehicle is attractive and you have the appropriate workshop background, the purchase can be very profitable. Besides, in the USA, there are unusual vehicles unavailable in Poland from official importers.