After a challenging period, the US automotive market is showing signs of recovery. Although pre-covid sales levels are still out of reach, German automotive companies are recording growth and continue to strengthen their position in the world's second largest car market.

A report by the specialist portal Wards Intelligence shows that last year, manufacturers sold approximately 15.5 million vehicles in the United States, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year, when the pandemic related problems in the supply chain significantly limited production and distribution. Still, those numbers are still down from the roughly 17 million vehicles sold five years before the pandemic. Analysts at Cox Automotive predict modest sales growth, less than 2%, for the coming year. German car brands such as BMW are showing better adaptation to the situation - in the fourth quarter, the company announced a 6% increase in US sales, selling 107,881 vehicles. Throughout 2023, this number increased by 9%, reaching 362,244 cars sold.

Audi, which has not introduced a new model to the market for three years, poses a challenge to the VW Group. While not all manufacturers have released official figures for the latest quarter yet, both Volkswagen and Porsche, parts of the VW Group, are also expected to report sales increases.

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